New Jersey Player

US online gamblers data helps operators plan their success in the regulating market

Don't guess - develop your iGaming strategy in the USA based on real player data.

Two New Jersey online gamblers' surveys by Commercial Intelligence provide critical information for marketers and strategists.

The data, released in two stages:  Wave 1 (in February, based on the survey amongst 506 online gamblers in New Jersey) and Wave 2 (in June, based on the survey amongst 520 online gamblers in New Jersey) provides an important indication of how US online gamblers behave across different platforms, including laptop, smartphone and tablet, what games they choose to play, how they respond to various incentives and marketing initiatives, which brands they are loyal to, how they rate customer services and what problems they encounter when gambling online.
Wave 2 also tracks changing players' behaviour and impact of licensing on migration from un-licensed to licensed sites.

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New Jersey Player Surveys by Commercial Intelligence have been endorsed by industry experts, including:

Luisa Woods, Executive Director, Online and Internet Marketing, Tropicana Entertainment“I have a copy of Wave 2 of the New Jersey Player Survey sitting on my desk. I refer to it frequently both when thinking our relative positioning and strategy in the market, and when communicating to others about player attitudes and behaviors.  Resources like this, that provide an unbiased view of the broader marketplace and how our players perceive the service we’re delivering, are invaluable in benchmarking and identifying opportunities for growth.”


Jim Ryan, CEO, Pala Interactive"We found the consumer insight survey for the New Jersey online gambling market to be an incredibly useful tool in helping us plan our go to market strategy.  The survey helped us confirm a number of assumptions for this market but it also alerted us to a number of unique aspects of the consumers in this market.  All of which we believe will result in more effective marketing launch of the Pala brands."


Fred Buro, former CMO, MTR Gaming Group: "This type of intelligence will undoubtedly play a key role in developing critical strategies across the US as online gaming continues to proliferate there.  Developing a plan in a competitive environment without this data would likely result in a comparative disadvantage."


William Thomas, Executive Director, Gaming Oversight Committee, Pennsylvania House of Representatives“The NJ players’ survey conducted by Commercial Intelligence continues to be extremely valuable for our lawmakers because it provides evidence that regulating online gambling is working in New Jersey to ensure much needed consumer protections. The initial survey, which was a focus of a public hearing held in Pennsylvania by Chairwoman Youngblood, showed our members that consumers want the industry regulated and the latest, updated numbers provided by Consumer Intelligence show that trend is continuing – with nearly 85% of New Jersey’s online gamblers using regulated sites. It has definitely provided our legislators with a perspective that online gambling is just as much a consumer protection issue as it is a gambling and revenue issue.”